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Encaustic art involves using a combination of melted all-natural organic beeswax with damar resin  (which comes from the sap
of a tree). The resin raises the melting temperature of the beeswax and leaves the piece a bit harder than plain beeswax would be. The process of making an encaustic collage using photo transfer involves the use of your emailed photograph, which I convert to black-and-white (if it is not already), size to the appropriate scale and then print out in a format which will allow for photo transfer.

I then transfer the image onto a prepared surface and embellish with encaustic paints, decorative papers, dog tags or dog name in a variety of letter styles, fabric, or other objects. Almost any porous object can be embedded into the wax (and a few non-porous ones like metal—but nothing likely
to melt like plastic).



Photos which work best for encaustic: 

• have adequate contrast and resolution

• are not too busy in the background or have a background which can be cut away without too many complicated edges.

Encaustic pieces are priced starting at $50 and have a turn-around time from a couple days to a week. Sizes and materials for art surface vary so please contact me for an estimate.

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